Friday, June 22, 2012

Hypothetically Speaking

Hypothetically, if Marco Rubio were not an American citizen and could not provide food for his family, he says he would cross the border illegally to come to the United States. You all know Marco Rubio, the senator from Florida. The Republican senator from Florida. "Many people who come here illegally are doing exactly what we would do if we lived in a country where we couldn't feed our families. If my kids went to sleep hungry every night and my country didn't give me an opportunity to feed them, there isn't a law, no matter how restrictive, that would prevent me from coming here." Those words come from his new book, "An American Son," which he is selling along with his chances to be his party's vice-presidential candidate.
Hypothetically, why would a guy, a Republican guy, want to muddy the waters like that? Is he serious? Does the GOP know about this? Mitt "Pretty Tough For A Guy Named Mitt" Romney spent the primary season voicing opposition to an immigration plan that would give those who came illegally permanent residency or citizenship without returning to their home country first. Senator Rubio was born in the United States, the son of Cuban immigrants who left in 1956.
Hypothetically, is this the guy the Republicans want riding shotgun on Mitt's Presidential Bandwagon? This kid who grew up as a Kennedy Democrat, and a self-proclaimed "union activist?" The former Mormon? Maybe that's what this campaign needs: A Maverick.

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