Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hopelessly Lost, But Making Good Time

I'm amazed at the relative ease with which my family has been able to move about the United States. Not because we should be hindered for any particular reason, but the fact that we have moved our base of operations into the smallest possible version of itself, and we have carted it all from one side of the continent to the other. From sea to shining sea. How did we do it? I would like to thank Al Gore for a good chunk of it. Without his invention of the Interweb, we might never have known where the closest Metro stop was to the International Spy Museum. We would have struggled folding maps of Virginia back to Maryland over to Delaware.
Instead, we typed in what we wanted to know, and up popped our answer. That didn't keep us from asking any and all available human beings either. We were happy to take anybody's recommendation for lunch or directions to the bus stop. But at the end of the day, when we needed an idea about the best place to stand to see the fireworks in our nation's capital, we could always ask Al.
Likewise with our directions. If the maps we carried with us or printed out at home proved unreliable, and we were lost in a maze of east coast highways, the bossy lady who lives in my wife's cell phone would save us. More than once we found ourselves on the verge of tears, or maybe that was just me. The lady in the cell phone got us back on track and headed for whatever new destination lay ahead of us. Thank you for using all your magic satellite powers to get us from where we were to where we wanted to be.
My brother-in-law likes to say that here in the United States, we're all joined by one big street. You can get there from here if you just follow directions. It sounds easy enough, but you really do have to have faith. And a GPS device.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite part was when we were hopelessly lost and had to stop and work together to get un-stressed and un-lost. And then we put Donald in charge of navigating. The three of us plus the bossy lady ended up a pretty good team!