Tuesday, April 26, 2011

System Update

The other day as I sat in front of my computer, ready to start another day's toil and struggle with the voices inside my head, when I was waylaid by iTunes telling me that they had a new version of their software they desperately wanted me to download. Perhaps desperate is a little severe. I felt compelled since it was free and they wanted to alleviate any of the discomfort I was experiencing from the prior ten to twelve versions that I had previously downloaded. I put off my creative impulses for a few moments as I watched the progress bar creep from left to right. Then I was prodded to restart my machine to ensure that the software was gassed up and ready to roll. As I did this, I started thinking.
I started thinking about when the last time my personal software had been updated. Not Windows or Mac, but my very own personal operating system. I know that I am due for a new version of fatherhood, or at least a patch for raising an adolescent. I have been pretty successful at archiving all the baby files, but I keep a backup on changing diapers and peekaboo for infant related emergencies.
My husband drive is working as well as can be expected, given the years of dedicated service it has given me. A disk cleanup might be in order, since I sometimes have difficulty accessing romantic impulses due to the number of daily practical chore programs that run day and night. Certainly there are times when my wife and I, acting as one another's external hard drives, could use a little defragmentation: This is your stuff, this is mine. But I guess that's what community property is all about, after all.
I'm getting regular updates to my teaching file, though there are times when I have trouble running the program. This is probably because the hardware itself is somewhat outdated and memory is being stretched to its breaking point even as we speak. It does help that I have more room for some of these files as I compress the fatherhood sectors just a little.
Overall, I'm pretty happy with the performance of my central processing unit, and as long as I continue to take care of my peripherals, I should be able to make this thing work for a few more years. Until I come in tablet form.

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