Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Burning Issue

As Judgement Day closes in upon us, I started getting curious about who out there in Fanaticaland was burning bibles. Last week, eleven people were killed at a United Nations compound in Afghanistan after news of a pastor in Florida went ahead with his plan to burn a Quran. For his part, his nut-jobiness Terry Jones said that he was sorry for any loss of life, but "I think it definitely does prove that there is a radical element of Islam." And with this, he found a way to perfectly illustrate Galatians, chapter six, verses seven to eight: you reap what you sow. That's the verse from our holy book about how God should not be mocked. I'm guessing that if you burn somebody else's holy book, it's pretty much your standard definition mock. And even though various dignitaries and military commanders implored Pastor Terry not to go ahead with his controlled burn, even after he was given a car at the end of last year for abstaining from stirring up an international incident, he had to go ahead and do it. Maybe he assumed that since so much of the rest of the world is on fire these days, no one would notice a book burning. Maybe he's just doing his part to bring on the rapture. I am sure he could show us all where, in biblical prophecy, it states that "some idjit in Florida" will whip all followers of Islam into a frenzy. My money was on Jeb Bush, but sometimes you get surprises from the pointiest of heads. And so, as Pastor Jones drives his 2011 Hyundai Accent into the light that will envelop us unbelievers, I continue to wonder how vast regions of the state of Florida and other parts of our great nation might react to a foreign cleric putting a match to a bible, especially if they were surrounded by heavily armed troops from that other nation. I guess we're all looking for liberation in one way or another. Pastor Terry seems to be seeking liberation from reality.

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Anonymous said...

Well I, for one, am thankful to finally have proof that there really are radical elements of Islam. Up till now, I wasn't convinced.