Monday, November 22, 2010

Pardon The Interruption

Recently, author and noted rock icon Keith Richards took the time to publicly dis Mike Huckabee's guitar skills. He did so in spite of the fact that, as one of his last acts as governor of Arkansas, the Huckster pardoned the Rolling Stone's axe man for a 1975 drunk driving conviction in his state. "Governor Huckabee also thinks of himself as a guitar player," Richards writes in his newly published memoir. "I think he even has a band." The name of the band, by the way, is "Capitol Offense." For his part, Mike remains a Keith Richards Superfan, holding out hope that his semi-major demi-god would deign to appear on his Fox TV show.
Maybe somebody should tell outgoing Florida governor Charlie Crist that, first of all, Jim Morrison is dead, and secondly that he doesn't have a show on Fox where Mister Morrison might appear if he may indeed turn up alive somewhere. It seems that, in a final act of altruism and tribute to Doors fans everywhere, Charlie wants to pardon Jim for the profanity and indecent exposure convictions dropped on him by the man way back in 1969. Was the Lizard King unjustly accused and found guilty on trumped up charges? "There was some doubt how solid the case was," explains Crist.
Maybe it's just me, but I would suggest that, with the time that he has left, maybe the governor of Florida could spend some of it looking into the convictions of the three hundred and ninety-three men and women on his state's death row. I would guess that very few of them have recorded anything on a par with "Light My Fire," but none of them will die in their bathtubs in France.


Anonymous said...

This is stupid. I disagree on all counts. Most of the people on death row belong there, with possibly a 1 in 10 chance Project Innocence might find ONE person innocent among them all. This blog sucks balls.

Anonymous said...

A one in ten chance? You're comfortable with killing one innocent person for every nine guilty ones? (And that would be okay with you if YOU were one of the one?)

Excuse me, but...this blog rocks.

"5 to 1, 1 to 5, no one here gets out alive." - The Doors

Anonymous said...

... none of them will have been rumored to have died in their bathtubs in France.

Fixed that for you.