Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Black LIke Whom?

"I could have used better words," were the words Senator Harry Reid used to describe his assessment of a certain Illinois Senator. For the record, those words were "light-skinned" and "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one." That was during the 2008 presidential campaign. The one that a certain Illinois Senator won and became the boss of Senator Harry Reid. For the record, President Obama accepted Senator Reid's apology and hoped to close the book on the matter. If everyone listening were a Democrat, that might have been it.
Everyone listening is not a Democrat. Reid and Obama are. Trent Lott is not. Michael Steele is not. They are Republicans, and they would like us to remember how Lott was forced to resign from the Senate for his racist comments. Michael Steele is African-American. Trent Lott is not. Michael Steele believes that Harry Reid should step down as Majority Leader, much in the same way that Lott did in 2002, when he was lauding noted segregationist Strom Thurmond on the occasion of his hundredth birthday. "If we had elected him (Thurmond ran for president in 1948) thirty years ago, we wouldn't be in the mess we are today." Maybe he was talking about Thurmond's fiscal policies. Maybe he wasn't. But it was enough to get him to step down as Senate Majority Leader back in 2002. For the record, Strom Thurmond was first a Democrat, then a Republican.
Rod Blagojevich is a Democrat. He asserts, in an interview with Esquire magazine, that he is "blacker than Obama." For the record, Rod Blagojevich is an idiot. Even he agrees.

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Anonymous said...

It seems to me that H.R was speaking the hard truth about our country. Sadly, Caucasian-looking Af. Am's are more readily accepted into historically Caucasian fields than their darker brothren. Unless I missed something, the only apology called for is the collective one.