Friday, November 06, 2009

The Undefeated

The election results are in: Democrats will no longer rule the planet. I hate to be the one telling you this, especially since I was among those who believed this to be the case a year ago when Barack Hussein Obama swept into office on a wave of Republican-crushing shock and awe. We even elected that guy from Saturday Night Live. That's how cool things were for us.
We were all going to be driving our hybrid cars to our government-sponsored health care appointment just before we head off to enjoy the wedding of our gay soldier friends who set up housekeeping shortly after world peace had been declared. We all got rich installing solar panels on government buildings, and the money they saved being off the grid was put immediately into a college fund for every child in America. Other countries who were once our enemies send notes of apology and offer their support in our brave new world order.
Then we went and lost in Virginia and New Jersey. Two more Republican governors. And in Maine, voters turned thumbs-down on gay marriage. Health care reform continues to swirl about on Capitol Hill, but no one is really sure what they are voting for anymore. Our Nobel-Peace-Prize-Winner continues to plot a course of meaningful change. What will it look like when it finally comes? Will it all be over before it starts?
I have been celebrating the quick-out-of-the-gate start of my favorite football team, the Denver Broncos. They were undefeated in their first six games and suddenly, for the first time in a decade, people began putting "Broncos" and "Super Bowl" in the same sentence. Then they had a week off, and when they came back they were summarily trounced by the Baltimore Ravens. In this metaphor, the Broncos are the Democrats, but I'm not sure if the Ravens are Republicans. I do know that it's a long season, and one game doesn't make or break your team. Unless that game happens to be the Super Bowl. Or the mid-term election.

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