Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Going Ballistic

Remember a few months ago when we were all tensed and waiting for North Korea to do something crazy? They were lobbing missiles off into the Pacific Ocean, in the direction of Hawaii. They were arresting Al Gore's reporters and sentencing them to hard labor for crossing their border. Kim Jong-il was committed to keeping his number one spot on the "Dictators With One Oar In The Water" list.
And then, just when you thought the Axis of Evil was just a fuzzy point of light in Pyongyang, along comes everybody's favorite Members Only model, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. You may recall his reassertion of his denial of the Holocaust just a few days ago in interviews with Newsweek and the Washington Post. This was just his opener before jumping up in our president's face in response to the suggestion that Iran hadn't been completely honest about their nuclear program. As if it were any of our business anyway. That was just before they started launching their missiles.
Iran is launching missiles while maintaining that all of their nuclear research and development is for civilian energy use alone. Maybe the missiles are the way they plan to get all that new energy into all those civilian homes. No matter, but it's obvious that Ahmadinejad's public relations team isn't working overtime. It's a little like when Charles Manson makes a point of re-etching that swastika on the bridge of his nose just before his parole hearing. Nothing says you're turning your life around like a big neon sign that screams "Crazy."
Or a Members Only jacket.

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Mrs. Id said...

"Maybe the missiles are the way they plan to get all that new energy into all those civilian homes."

Ha! Now that's just crazy enough it might work!