Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bad Motivator Unit

A friend of mine was lamenting the steepness of the curve to getting back into shape as we all grow older. It used to be that missing a workout or two would be an easy fix. It would just mean pushing just a little harder the next time. Now there are numerous factors that drag us down. Certainly we have the best intentions. Since we are more mature and understand the direct correlation between mental and physical well-being, there should be no trouble getting up and going.
Why then is it such a struggle to peel myself out of bed and strap on my running shoes on a bright sunny morning such as this one? Maybe now that I am older I tend to contemplate my options more fully before rushing off. Perhaps I am hoping to make some cohesive exercise strategy that will bring me a more fully realized experience. It could be that I am pondering the nature of all energy in the universe, and I am massing all my own potential energy before converting it into kinetic. Or it could be that I am just being lazy.
As I lay in bed this morning, gathering the will to get up and out, I turned on the TV. I did this with a remote control, and the calories expended were negligible. For a few terrifying moments I watched "Can't Stop The Music". Not only does it feature the acting talents of Academy Award-winning actress Valerie Perrine, Olympic Gold Medal-winning Decathlete Bruce Jenner, and Steve Guttenberg, it also tells the story of the rise to fame of the Village People and documents the demise of disco and the first wave of the fitness craze of the late 1970's. For this, the film was honored with the very first Razzie for worst picture of the year in 1980.
I watched these nubile young bodies (mostly male) flouncing about to the hit single, "YMCA" and suddenly I felt young again. At least I felt young enough to turn off the TV, get out of bed and flee the room. I can thank director, and Rhoda's mom, Nancy Walker for giving me the necessary motivation for getting back on my feet and out the door. Whatever it takes.

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Anonymous said...

"Can't Stop the Music" was on...and you didn't call us IMMEDIATELY?!? Drop and give me 20!