Thursday, June 14, 2007

Re: Unions

A band from the mid-1970's. The lead singer has an ego the size of a planet. They tend to find themselves on political soapboxes and use their celebrity to further the causes that they discover as the world opens up for them. Now: Name that band!
Did you guess the Police? That would be an easy enough guess, since that's where I found myself last night - or rather with whom I found myself last night. Along with several thousand of my closest demographic, I attended the Bay Area's thirtieth anniversary Reunion Tour featuring Andy, Stewart, and Sting. I thought about how time had treated us all and how we learned about rainforests and famine in Africa and the effects of hair dye and tantric sex over prolonged periods.
Or was that U2? Of course, they haven't had a career lapse (if you don't count "Zooropa") of any significant duration. Bono has gone from angry young man to angry guest editor of "Vanity Fair." He's still rocking hard, even if it's on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. And lest we forget, they were the ones who gave the Beatles back "Helter Skelter" after Charles Manson had misappropriated it.
Maybe I meant the Clash. I learned what "Sandanista" was after I owned the album for a month. The lyrics of "Spanish Bombs": "Yo te quiero infinito, yo te quiero oh mi corazón." I can almost forgive Mick Jones for Big Audio Dynamite, but Joe Strummer kept it real right up to the end. Their record company called them "The Only Band That Matters." Sadly, they're the only ones who are no longer touring. Maybe it really is better to burn out than to fade away.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, man...Motley Crue gave "Helter Skelter" back to the Beatles!