Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Entry 366

Now I have another way of marking time: I started this blog three hundred and sixty-five entries ago (with a bonus here and there to even things out). I've had something to ramble on about for one trip around the sun. My son is about to turn nine. My dog has lived through knee surgery and rehabbed to the point that she can go running with me once again. My wife has finished one book and moved onto another - and that's just writing them - she reads half a dozen books at a time. I'm stuck in the fourth grade, where my son is about to land. The big screen TV has finally found a home here in our living room. That would be the domestic front.
Out there in the world we still have an Austrian immigrant for a governor. The war in Iraq continues. The war in Afghanistan continues. The pinheads continue to rule the roost. There is finally drinkable water again in the Ninth Ward. Tom Cruise has a daughter. Don Knotts is only available in reruns. A Super Bowl and a World Series were played with no solid rooting interest on my part. I heard the Winter Olympics were fascinating. Bruce Springsteen is playing hillbilly music. Neil Young is still singing a protest song.
I've grown older. I've grown slower. I've grown smarter. I've grown. I'm writing everyday. I don't always have much to say, but I write anyway. Sometimes it just feels like I have a lot to say. I said what was on my mind, and tomorrow I'll do it again.
And you, dear reader - you're back again to see what's on my mind. Today it's a little karmic breath as I begin a new year. Thanks for checking in.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing with us!


mrs. id said...

Congratulations! What a year it's been for we, your loyal readers. You've made us all proud. And sad. And amused. And angry. And hopefull.

Here's to 365 more bite-sized thoughts.

your #1 fan