Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Grate One

I am troubled by the revelations that Wayne Gretzky knew about his wife's "little gambling problem" (to the tune of $100,000 over the course of the last month and a half). "The Great One," as he has been known, was recorded on a wiretap talking to the alleged financier of a gambling ring, discussing how the hockey great's wife could avoid being implicated.
Wayne didn't place any bets, according to the investigation.
For history's sake, remember that Wayne began his career as the star of the Edmonton Oilers hockey franchise one of the few holdovers from the WHA that survived the transition to the NHL. In 1988, after breaking most of the existing records in organized hockey, Gretzky was traded to the Los Angeles Kings. "The Trade," as it came to be known, upset Canadians to the extent that New Democratic Party House Leader Nelson Riis demanded the government block it, and Pocklington was burned in effigy. Gretzky himself was considered a "traitor" by some Canadians for turning his back on his adopted hometown, his home province, and his home country; his motivation was widely rumored to be to further his wife's acting career.
Canadians - gotta love 'em, eh?
Now there are three California hockey franchises, and two in Florida, and one in Phoenix, Arizona coached and owned (in part) by Wayne Gretzky. Zamboni drivers below the 49th parallel celebrate this bit of news, but maybe it's just another sign of the coming apocalypse.
As far as the betting goes, it probably won't snake its way up to overwhelm the legacy of "The Great One" unless it turns out that he was betting and, heaven forbid, if he was betting on hockey. Then old number 99 will start having to hang out with Pete "Charlie Hustle" Rose at the next Wrestlemania.
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Anonymous said...

Why? Why? Is life at the top so dull, so devoid of challenge, that one can find no excitement other than risking one's reputation through illegal pursuits? Is Janet unbearably bitter about sacrificing her career to raise the Spawn of the Great One, and this is her revenge? Janet a Why not just go to Vegas and put some damn money down on the game? Why tarnish yet another hero? For the love of god, WHY????

Thank you for listening.