Monday, October 31, 2005

Treat Inventory 2005

My son's biggest Halloween wish as he drifted off to sleep tonight: "I wish that I could get a box of Junior Mints as big as this bed." He also said that he had first thought a box as big as the house would be good, but "that might make me sick." Good that he has a sense of scale.
On the candy front there was some discussion of favorite candy bars. My mother pines for Butterfingers, while my mother-in-law waxes rhapsodic for Almond Joy. My wife felt a void in her life because she no longer has a favorite candy bar.
It used to be that she craved Sweet Tarts. That was a constant during her pregnancy. There are those that theorize that is how we created a son with such a sweet but periodically acerbic character - our little sour patch kid.
Father and son agree on the importance of chocolate. He spent some time this evening after trick-or-treating, sorting: milk chocolate, Snickers, Tootsie Rolls and Pops, mints, and "other." The "other" pile contained all the scary taffy and hard candies that could not trace their lineage back to some form of chocolate. His biggest quandary? Chocolate Laffy Taffy.
The big prize of the night was the full size Hershey bar. The kind that you can break apart into bite size rectangles - or even to use in a s'more (if you were forced to go camping and mingle your Hershey bar with marshmallow and graham cracker). I suggested that this lady was essentially handing out twenty dollar bills. If word got out, there would be a line out into the street.
Finally, a word about this "Fun Size" nonsense. I do not know of any good reason to believe that a candy bar as big as your thumb is "Fun." Excessive packaging, yes - fun, no. The vision of a box of Junior Mints as big as your bed? Now that's Fun.


haywagon said...

Dream bar: Dark chocolate Almond Joy. Like a Mounds bar with almonds. Mmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

This morning the relishing continued. Unable to eat candy for
breakfast, he wallowed in the "chocolate" pile for half an hour,
reading the fine print and sorting the packages by brand. He then made
a bar graph to display these facts:
He had the most Nestle candies,
then Hersheys,
then Tootsie Roll,
then Mars.
(Did you know Smarties are made by a small, independent company?)