Wednesday, January 13, 2021

In The Rigging

 Lost in the wash of all the turmoil of last week was the amazing victory of one Stacy Abrams. You may be familiar with the name, the one who was nearly the first black woman to be elected governor of Georgia. That would have made her the first African American or alternately the first female governor of the Peach State. When that didn't happen, she turned her attention to what she felt was the root cause of her defeat: voter suppression. It was Ms. Abrams and her Fair Fight organization that was instrumental in turning what had been a Republican stronghold for decades blue. 

First the White House. Then the Senate. By getting out the vote in record numbers, Stacy Abrams helped change the electoral landscape not just for her own state, but for the entire United States. Patiently. Respectfully. Efficiently. 

Sadly, during all that sedition in our nation's capitol last Wednesday, Stacy Abrams was delivering a Senate Majority on top of a Democrat in the White House. And what was all that fuss about in Washington D.C.? A mob of tiny-brained minions of a former game show host were seeking to overturn what they feel was a rigged election.

I have some news: This election was rigged. It was rigged by Stacy Abrams and a group of like-minded individuals who were tired of being cowed by the overwhelming braggadocio of MAGAts. They rigged it by ensuring that every vote that could be counted was. People who had never voted before were registered and encouraged and in some cases ferried to the polls to make sure that what happened two years ago, four years ago, forever, wouldn't happen again. 

Stacy Abrams rigged that. To perfection. So when the anniversary of January 6 comes along, let's remember to keep our eyes on the prize. Not the numbskulls vandalizing public property and trampling one another, but the lady who was lifting others up. 

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