Thursday, April 21, 2016

C'mon And Get Over It

Caught in all the hubbub that is the Ted "The Cruiser" Cruz and Donald J. Trumpfudd, one can easily gloss over another one of God's Wonders: John Kasich. He is the governor of Ohio. He is running to be his party's nominee in the race for President. Before he lived in the Big Buckeye House, he was a member of Congress and served as chair of the House Budget Committee. He's a man of big ideas and even bigger dreams. You may remember him as the candidate most likely to make an executive order to reunite Pink Floyd
On this particular trail, he shows up like Mister Rogers compared to the evil clowns on either side. He is also that guy that once mimicked the convulsive shaking of a Parkinson’s sufferer—in his State of the State speech. He calls his own legislators “knuckleheads,” “thugs” and “bullies.” He publicly called the police officer who had given him a traffic ticket an “idiot.” He's the guy who wants to defund Planned Parenthood. For John, the stories in the Bible are historical facts. He was happy to have fracking in Ohio. The NRA recently changed John's grade from an F to an A. Probably all that studying over the summer. And still, this guy shows up as the kinder, gentler Republican.
It's all a matter of perspective, see? Like this past Sunday when Governor John appeared on CNN's State of the Union. During his portion of the show, Kasich was asked about the outcry over recent anti-LGBT popping up all over the country. He had some advice for all those feeling the sting of discrimination: "If you feel as though somebody is doing something wrong against you, can you just, for a second, get over it, you know, because this thing will settle down." 
You know, like Rosa Parks did. Like Doctor Martin Luther King. Or Gloria Steinem. Or Susan B. Anthony. They pretty much just waited around for a second and realized that they were just making a big deal out of nothing. They should have taken a second and, you know, gotten over it.
Which is pretty much how I'm feeling about this whole Kasich thing, Pink Floyd notwithstanding. He may be the lukewarm water between the hot and cold of Trumpf and Cruiser, but that water's pretty nasty, all the same. 
I'm pretty much over it right now. Thanks for the advice, governor.

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