Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Poor Carly Fiorina. She just wants to be President of the United States. Is that so wrong? Katie Couric seems to think so. She's out to get our girl, just like she went after that other maverick a few years back. Why would she need to know what magazines a vice presidential candidate reads. Or doesn't read. Or if she reads at all. Isn't that kind of a sexist question to ask? Why isn't she asking all those male candidates these hard-hitting (sexist) questions? Would she really ask a guy who was polling around one percent if he was gearing up for a run for the second highest office in the land? Maybe we should have Katie Couric interview Katie Couric what the deal is to find out what the deal is with Katie Couric. 
Feel free at this point to note that Katie Couric is currently the "global anchor" for Yahoo News. Not ABC. NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX. Since the 2008 campaign, when she was the anchor for CBS, Katie has moved around a bit. Things change. Like when former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina signed on as an adviser to John McCain's campaign in 2008. 
Hold on a second. The 2008 campaign. The same one that brought us the "um, all of them" answer to what magazines and newspapers vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin gave to future global anchor for Yahoo, Katie Couric. Is this "Back to the Future" or what? Did she show up to the interview in a DeLorean? Of course, by this time, Hillary Clinton was already on her way to the curb to wait for her opportunity to become Secretary of State. And to wait another half-dozen years until it was time to rev up the web site development team to get herself ready for another shot at the highest office in the land. Not the second highest. Will Katie Couric ask Hillary is she's positioning herself for second place? 
In a word, no. Katie will probably ask Hillary about her personal e-mail server. And Benghazi. And maybe, just maybe, she'll ask how she will be a good grandma while she's busy running the country. That would be sexist. Or ageist. Or somethingist that would make it possible for Katie to continue her career as global anchor for Yahoo. Carly, in the meantime, will be working hard to make Katie and the rest of us forget her failed run for senate in 2010 and her forced resignation from HP in 2005. But we shouldn't probably bring that up. That would be failist

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