Sunday, February 08, 2015

I'll Give You Something To Cry About

This past week, the judge in the murder trial of Aaron Hernandez gave a very specific order from the bench. "I understand this is very emotional for you," the judge told Ursula Ward, the mother of Odin Lloyd who was set to testify for the first time. With the jury out of the room, Superior Court Judge Susan Garsh instructed her to "retain control of your emotions." This could have been because for the two days leading up to that, Ms. Ward had left the room in tears. After seeing pictures of her son's dead body. Come on, woman. Suck it up. The wheels of justice are in motion here!
For the sake of jurisprudence, she held her composure, even after she was reintroduced to autopsy photos of her son, Odin Lloyd. Message received: Murder trials are serious business and cannot be interrupted by the overwrought emotions of mothers or relatives of any sort for that matter. There were a few more tears when a surveillance video was shown in the court that showed Lloyd's girlfriend and her sister meeting for the first time after they had learned that Odin was dead. The video was taken inside Hernandez's home. It could be that one of the sisters is lying about just how close Odin was to Aaron Hernandez at the time of the murder. There are some pretty raw emotions flowing through that courtroom, but that's no excuse for holding up the legal process.
By the way, if the name Aaron Hernandez sounds familiar, that could be his association with a professional football team called the New England Patriots. They might sound familiar to you because they just won the world championship of football. It was very exciting. There was a lot of drama, and when it was all over, the Patriots came out on top. As one might expect, emotions ran high, but what would you expect when you win the game you've been waiting to play for nearly six months?
One does wonder how a mother might feel when the son she had raised for twenty-seven years was found dead. Sure, it's tragic, but it's not like she lost the Super Bowl.

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