Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Logic Of Myth

Would I like to believe that there is such a thing as Big Foot? Sure I would. How about the Loch Ness Monster? Why the heck not? If you asked me about life on other planets, I would have to hold out hope that yes, there are other interesting things in the universe outside our mundane day-to-day existence. Hum-drum, that is. Monsters and aliens would make this planet so much more interesting, it's not even funny.
Okay, it is a little funny. Like the picture John Rodriguez sent to the Huffington Post.  If you were to  believe everything you see on Al Gore's Internet, then it would appear as though this Florida fisherman caught a missing link up to his chest in swamp water. Maybe taking a mid-morning dip? Perhaps he was feeling a little sensitive about his Florida designation as "Skunk Ape," and he wanted to take a little of that earthy edge off. It would be just as likely that the chest up photo was a staged opportunity that doesn't have to be proved beyond the obvious: Hey, that looks like the upper third of a Sasquatch. This shouldn't come as a particular affront to Mister Rodriguez. Over the years, we have become used to seeing blurry, or distorted images of this most elusive upright primate. We have also become quite accustomed to seeing Sasquatch being tormented by fans of jerky. Interestingly, most of the beef snack ads have footage that make it apparent just how temperamental a beast we are dealing with. Why not bait a trap with those tasty meat treats, and see if they couldn't take one alive?
But that wouldn't be the real answer, and not just because it could be that those Jack Link ads are pretend, and not real after all. Harry and the Hendersons?  Made up junk. From Hollywood. Would it be appropriate to guess that what John Rodriguez photographed was actually Andy Serkis?  Or instead, would it be more fun to imagine that this particular pointy-headed gorilla was actually there in the swamp would open the door for the potential of Nessie and even a unicorn or two.
So, if all these creatures are real, then it makes us all wonder why all our good science hasn't caught up to them yet. As soon as we've got a an extraterrestrial on display in the national zoo, we can get to work on that whole global warming thing.

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