Sunday, June 01, 2014

Intentional Communities

The countdown continues. On June 3, the documentary about those compulsive types like myself who feel that their lives are worth sharing in a seemingly endless stream of blogging, "Friends You Haven't Met Yet" will have its premiere. I won't be at the theater. Instead, I will be plugging away at the job which provides a great portion of the material for which I was included in the film in the first place. It is a wicked curve. And now a new twist to that wicked curve: There are others.
Of course, I knew that computer science was interested in my algorithm because I represented a trend. By having a film crew show up in my front yard, the idea of being part of a bigger piece drifted away. These guys came with their cameras and boom mikes and curious attention to see me. It was flattering beyond words.
Okay. It wasn't beyond words. I won't shut up about it. I have shared it with a bunch of people, many of whom have in turn shared it with others until I find myself in the uncomfortable position of mild celebrity. Then it occurred to me that I wasn't alone. There were others whose blogs rang the particular bell that mine did. The authors of those epistles were, perhaps, experiencing the same bends that were affecting me. Because there was a clue left to me in the trailer, I went online in search of Farview Farm. This was the only blog's title mentioned in that two minute preview, and it was easy to find. Sure enough, there's an entry for just about every day. I was not alone. I left a comment saying as much, and left quietly so as not to kick up much of a fuss.
A few days later, I received a comment, not from Farview Farm, but from Maggie World. This person had found me after showing up on the Farview Farm blog just moments after I was there, and used the opportunity to follow the link I left there to find me here at Entropical Paradise. Slowly but surely, we have begun to introduce ourselves to one another. Friends I haven't met before.
This probably won't be the last connection that I make, but it puts me in mind of the affiliations Kurt Vonnegut suggested in novels such as "Slapstick." We are the megabloggers, lonesome no more!

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