Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Take A Picture - It Will Last Longer

There have been a lot of photos of Barack Obama that I have enjoyed. I was especially fond of the picture of him playing with one of his staffers children who was dressed as Spider Man. That was the good sport president. Then we had the loving husband president from the end of the campaign, just a quiet moment with Michelle captured by thousands of camera phones and his personal photographer. If you needed more evidence, then there's always the Kiss-cam shot taken at the USA-Brazil basketball game last summer. How about the commander in chief testing his arm at Soldier Field? This guy's going to have quite the Tumblr page by the time he leaves the Oval Office.
And then there's this. President Barack Hussein Obama shooting at clay pigeons with a shotgun. How can a man who is putting forth a new anti-gun agenda that threatens to take away our Second Amendment Rights by so hypocritical? Unless his legislation suggests that "gun control" will now refer to using both hands to ensure better aim, what could possibly be going through this guy's head?
I dunno. How about: "Limits." This is not an assault weapon. This is precisely the thing that the National Rifle Association should applaud. The chief executive is showing responsible use of firearms. I would have to imagine that image would be framed and hanging behind David Keene's desk. I don't remember anybody asking for guns to be outlawed, in spite of the bumper stickers suggesting the obverse.
Owning a machine gun and stockpiling ammunition isn't in the picture. Fear of the zombie apocalypse may be keeping everyone nervous, but as we all know from watching "Zombieland," the most important thing isn't going to be how well you're armed. It's cardio. Besides, you really only need a shotgun to protect yourself from somebody like this. Or this.  


Krs10 said...

Unlike Cheney, Obama actually practices marksmanship!

Anonymous said...

I have another favorite picture of Obama ---