Monday, February 08, 2010

Prairie Home Complaining

"How's that hope-y, change-y stuff workin' out for you?" asked Miss Maverick. The partisan crowd at the first "tea party" convention. What better spokesperson for a group of antiestablishment, grass-roots folks who are motivated by anger over the growth of government, budget-busting spending and Obama's policies than our favorite "outsider" from the Great White North? Not content to simply speak from the auspices of her newly minted media base at Fox "We Declare, You Accept" News, Sarah Palin took her show on the road.
"America is ready for another revolution!" she crowed, sounding just a little more like a Bolshevik than the White House, but then irony was never her strong suit. I always figured her strong suit was more of a fashion thing, really. "Let us not get bogged down in the small squabbles. Let us get caught up in the big ideas," she exhorted, but then offered up few of her own. That seemed to suit the assembled rabble just fine. Solving problems is much more difficult than standing on the curb and pointing at them. That, apparently, is what Mavericks do.
The other things that "tea party"-types rail against is the outrageous sums of their money the government is spending on things like health care, defense and bailing out an economy that has only recently begun to show signs of life again. These are the same disgruntled Americans who paid Miss Rouge one hundred thousand dollars for her forty-five minute appearance. That would be putting their money where her mouth is. And so the 2012 meander to the White House begins for the ex-governor from Alaska.


Anonymous said...

I was fully aware of my ambivalence toward our President.

Why Fox and Friends can take a toe hold today.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the part where she criticized Obama for using a teleprompter and then peeked at reminders she'd written on her palm. Apparently "hypocrite" wasn't in her crib notes.